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2009-10- Non-formal School, Distress relief work, Charitable Dispensary


    During the last reported 12 month period approximately 19,228 patients were treated by allopathic physicians at the Ashrama polyclinic, 10,791 were treated by homeopaths, and 6,620 by doctors serving with the Ashrama's Mobile Medical Unit. Overall, approximately 70% were new cases (30% receiving treatment more than once). Nearly all the patients were of scheduled castes or other poor classes.  


About a hundred milli-litres of warm milk is distributed to the school children daily at the Ashrama and once weekly from the Mobile Medical Unit in one village. Besides milk, some substantial food item, like banana or other fruit, biscuit, chola dal sattu or cooked food is distributed every day at Adbhutananda Shikshayan— (Non-formal School & Free Coaching Centre) children. They are encouraged to form good habits of health, hygiene and sanitation. Caution about imbibing tobacco and other nefarious habits is disseminated to the students. Tobacco eradication literature is distributed .


With help and cooperation from Ramakrishna Mission headquarters, Belur Math, warm clothing and blankets are distributed to the poor and needy in the cold season.

This year, by virtue of some generous friends / donors, several hundred woolen sweaters, hats and scarves were distributed to the school children at the Ashrama and in the village. Woolen sweaters were also distributed among the elderly poor and widows in one village. 

When natural calamity strikes, whenever possible the Ashrama conducts poverty, fire & flood relief to the rural folk. Early in 2009 in this village on the outskirts of Chapra about half of the houses burned down due to an accident with a lantern. Fire victims received clothing, rice, legumes (dal), sugar, saris / dhotis, molasses, flattened rice, blankets and other necessities for starting household activities again


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