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 How you can help us

There are three ways you too can help with this fight against  poverty:

1. By providing funds and material items.
From pecuniary donations to carpentry tools or medical equipment,
just to mention a few. Everything is welcome in this small community that lacks modern equipment, proper power supply and maintenance of buildings, roads etc.*

2. By offering your free services.
Medical and paramedical professionals are urgently required

3. By your sincere prayers.
Whatever be your belief, your daily and sincere good wishes and prayers
 for this noble cause will provide us with more strength to work at our activities.

Donations given to ‘Ramakrishna Mission Ashrama, Chapra’ are exempt from income tax under section 80G(5)(vi) of the Income Tax Act, 1961, vide order no. (DIT(E) / 848)/(8E/109/69-70) dated 12.01.2009; which has been further extended in perpetuity by letter no. (DIT(E)/2923)/(8E/109/69-70) dated 26.09.2011. Our income tax PAN is AAAAR1077P.

Contribution, big or small in cash/kind or by Cheque/Draft, may be issued in favour of 'RAMAKRISHNA MISSION ASHRAMA, CHAPRA'.



Ramakrishna Mission Ashrama 
Chapra, Bihar - 841 301, India
 Phone: (06152) - 23 0739 & 24 4626  
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